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Which breed is right for you?

There are 218 breeds registered the UK Kennel Club, spread across 7 breed groups.

- Hound

- Working

- Terrier

- Gundog

- Pastoral

- Toy

- Utility

Each breed has their own breed traits. There will be certain breeding lines within individual breeds that produce stronger breed traits than others. As all dogs are individuals, there are also dogs that don't display a great deal of their breed traits.

At Scovellsway, we like to recognise the dogs breed traits and try to work with them rather than battle against them. It is a pretty common occurrence of clients saying they are unaware of their dogs breed traits. This can cause a big problem for training, as all too often, owners and their chosen breed are mis-matched.

If you are looking to get a dog, do plenty of research. Speak to experienced breeders and owners of that breed. Also ensure you research the different lines within the breed, decide what type and style of dog you like and fits your lifestyle and training experience. Choosing the right dog for you will make things so much easier in the long run!

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