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Stud Dogs: Image


Kitehill Charisma At Pipmont

Oak is handsome working Chocolate Labrador. He is health tested and has a fantastic temperament. He is athletically built and is has works picking up on large commercial shoot, out 3 times weekly. He has proved to be very talented in the field, an asset to the picking up team.

Oak is proven at stud

Hips 2/2
Elbows 0/0
Eyes Clear
PRA Clear
CNM Clear
EIC Clear 
SD2 Clear 

STGT Clear



Autumnal Equinox At Pipmont

Tod is a handsome Black and Tan cocker. He is athletically and solidly built. He is a proper size cocker and works a full day picking up with ease. He has a super temperament and is eager to please.

Tod is proven at stud

Hips: 3/3

Elbows: 0/0

Eyes: Clear

PLA: 0

PRA: Clear

FN: Clear

AMS: Clear

DM: Clear

GSD VII: Clear

Stud Dogs: Team Members

Dan and Winston competing at a Working Test

Stud Dogs: Welcome
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