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Dogs should come with their own food, which we will serve as instructed. We have a dedicated freezer and fridge so we can cater for raw and wet food diets. Our expert team can deliver a range of medications. We are also happy to give any health supplements you may wish to provide. We carry out a health check upon all dogs on arrival and monitor dogs throughout their stay, to ensure they stay in the peak of health.

If your dog becomes unwell during their stay and requires Veterinary attention, we will take them to our company Veterinary Practice for treatment. We will also contact the nominated UK contact and It may be necessary for them to collect the dog. As your dogs well-being is our top priority, if your dog is overly stressed during their stay, we may request the UK contact collects the dog. You must ensure the nominated UK contact is aware and accepts this responsibility. If your dog is found to be harbouring parasites or worms, we reserve the right to treat them to prevent spread to other residents. 

We accept dogs from 6 months of age. 

We accept entire dogs, as well as bitches in season.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated, and have been administered the Kennel Cough vaccination no less than 2 weeks prior to the stay. 

Elderly and dogs with serious health conditions are not suitable to stay in kennels. Only fit and healthy dogs will be be accepted. 

Click the link below to view our health check sheet which we complete upon your dogs arrival to our kennels. We use this to monitor their health throughout their stay with us.

Diet and health: About Me
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