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Annie was recommended to us and in turn we have recommended her; that's how good she is. Annie's kind and patient instructing approach has enabled us as novice handlers to nurture our dogs natural instinct and ability in a structured and enjoyable manner. Stretching our handling skills to give us confidence and the tools to work a young Cocker Spaniel, has been both exciting and enjoyable. Lessons are looked forward to as we learn how previous exercises are the building blocks to a new skill. Annie is honest and practical in her approach to both dog and handler, which makes her fantastic to work with. 

David & Sarah Canty with Wigeon (working Cocker Spaniel)

Scovellsway Kennels must be the best boarding and training kennels in the country.
Annie and her team train with love, and it shows.
What ever are your needs Annie will help?
House pets, gun dogs, field trial they cover everything.

Mr Edward Belcher with Bo & Truffle (working Cocker Spaniels)

Thank you so much for an excellent course. I’m so delighted with where I now am with Odin; he’s now totally manageable and just a delight to work. I’m now confident to take him into new environments and situations and to know that he and I are working in unison. Your skill, expertise and wise counsel have been invaluable in achieving this situation. My only regret is that you’ve done yourself out of a job! I’m going to miss the Wednesday mornings!

Richard Peck with Odin (working Cocker Spaniel)

We recently took on another rescue dog. This time it was a young bull breed who’s background we didn’t know anything about. Whilst he was great indoors with our older rescue dogs, he was extremely excitable when out on walks, dog reactive and no recall.

We had heard of Scovellsway Dog Training and made the call. After speaking to Charlotte on the phone and explaining our situation, she was very confident in being able to work with Eddie and suggested we work with Dan. 

We have attended a number of one to one sessions with Dan – who is extremely knowledgeable and confident with shall I say “Full-on dogs”.

Eddie’s recall is loads better and we are definitely turning the corner.

Dan is an exceptional dog trainer and the whole team at Scovellsway are wonderful people.

Paul Connell with Eddie (bull breed)

I first came for monthly training with my working cocker bitch, I'm not sure who Annie was training, me or the dog, but I know we both improved in experience, confidence and steadiness. Twenty years later, I now willingly drive the 50 minutes to continue 'my' lessons with Annie, to teach my current rescue sprocker. Last year we focused on giving him confidence, then steadiness and now are bring him up to become a jolly decent working dog. All of this is down to Annie knowledge of what motivates different dogs, how to encourage them and keep them engaged, combined with her approach of training the owner to train the dog. So often it's my ignorance that holds my dog back, but with Annie's encouragement, both of us are improving by leaps and bounds.

Drusilla with Castor (working cocker spaniel)

I was recommended Scovellsway by a couple of friends and I have not been disappointed. I got in touch at the end of 2023 after some help with a young Labrador who needed a job/hobby. We have had 5 one to one sessions with Dan as on daily walks Silas has had issues with distractions and concentration. Our first session gave Silas a sense of purpose, he instantly became more confident, he started to play with my other dogs and our bond had changed over night. Silas is not the most straightforward but he is such an honest dog who gives his all and I cannot wait to see what he is doing in six months to a year! As an owner, I feel so lucky to have a dog that wants to work for me and it has been such a pleasure to watch him grow so much in such a short time. Charlotte is very helpful when booking in other sessions and gives plenty of options and responds to emails very quickly. I would highly recommend Scovellsway to anyone!

Sophie with Silas (Labrador)

Maud is the second spaniel I have trained with Annie and the Scovellsway team. Annie’s training style is clear, informative, supportive and above all realistic. She always works within the capabilities of both the dog and the handler.  Each training session is interesting and useful with precise instruction on how to work towards the next step and what to work on between classes. Manging my expectations of training a different breed of spaniel, whilst seeing and working with the potential of an immature dog gave me the confidence to take a young dog out beating which we both thoroughly enjoyed and was key to our recent CoM at only our third working test. Our one to one sessions are always worthwhile and Spaniel Club is the best training class I have ever attended.

Amina with Maud (Clumber Spaniel)

We have been going to Scovellsway for 8 years with our working cockers, Rafa and now 10 month old Lito, the result of which makes us confident in any environment or situation with either of them. Annie and her excellent team “talk dog”. Their exceptional abilities to train both the dog and the owner bring out the best in each. They train with love and compassion and every member of the team is highly capable. We cannot thank Annie and her team enough for everything they have done and continue to do for us. They are all passionate about what they do. We would not consider any other kennels for our two working cockers. We echo the comment that they are the best training kennels in the country. With regard to grooming, Kim, does a truly excellent job. She is calm and knowledgeable which makes for a stressless as well as handsome outcome. A great combination to have in one location. Thank you Scovellsway for all you are and for all you do.

Caroline & Tom with Rafa & Lito (working cocker spaniels)

After being recommended by friends i bought along my 6mth old lab Ginger for a one2one with Dan, 3 years on and were still coming every week.We are now part of a group and Ginger has learnt so much, with Dans experience & knowledge he has really helped us progress from building all the basics to now picking up on local shoots which i never thought would be possible. Dan cleverly plans each lesson to suit all our individual needs with all our dogs from hunting in the woods, stop whistle, walk up scenarios, cold game lessons, dummy launchers & jumping using the various pens. This keeps challenging us and every week is so enjoyable, Ginger has come on so much over the years and my confidence has grown because of coming here. I would recommend Dan to anyone who wants to train their dogs, no matter the problem, or just to have fun & bond with your dog, he will guide you through, he is patient, and can read dogs so well and also the handler! I am excited to bring my new pup along soon.

Heidi with Ginger (labrador)

I took my Labrador Harper to Scovellsway for what I thought was anxious behaviour and bad recall activated by a high prey drive. It was apparent to Dan that she was just a very excited dog. Dan took it back to basics with lead control and putting her into a calmer state and then worked on the recall. His knowledge and approach are great and helped me to understand her behaviour and also how my behaviour impacts her. I now have a very calm and well behaved Labrador whose recall is improving daily. She's a completely different dog to walk. The change in her behaviour is amazing after only a few sessions, it has completely transformed our walks! Really great training from Scovellsway and I wouldn't hesitate to go back for any further training.

Jess with Harper (Labrador)

I've been going to Scovellsway for the last 9 years. First with my older dog Jack for help with lead work but I became hooked on the training. Jack I found to be related to Annie's dog Fern so it was like joining the family. Since then I have been attending classes with my middle dog Finn in Dan's group. He is also related to Dan's dog Oak. And now my younger one Yogi - no relation. I love coming to the classes. Both Annie's and Dan's groups enable us to get the best out of our dogs and also out of us, so whether you want to work your dog, enter in to tests or just get a good bond with your dog, there's a group to suit all abilities. Hopefully I will be training there for many more years to come.

Margaret with Finn, Jack & Yogi. (Labradors)

Dan and the team at Scovellsway are just brilliant! The positive change in my dog has been remarkable in a short amount of time. It is clearly apparent how passionate Dan is at helping dogs live happier lives through understanding the reasons why dogs behave the way they do and guiding the owner to managing situations to help their dogs feel comfortable and confident each day. Dan and the team are professional but friendly and never judge! I highly recommend Scovellsway Training Kennels for all behavioural needs.

Marie with Brea (Boston Terrier)

one lesson and Willow is a different dog, walking her is a pleasure. Dan was brilliant, going back for more training. Can not thank you enough.

Wendy with Willow (German Shepherd)

Great staff and great training. Within an hour they showed us how to resolve our problems walking our dog on a lead. How to be around other dogs when on a walk. They have shown us how to enjoy walking and training our dog. Thank you.

Andy with Canyon (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

I would like to thank Dan for the session Blue and I had with him. Blue's a whippet and he was attacked by two dogs in the park, one from the front and the other from behind. Since then he became increasingly aggressive with other dogs to the point that I would avoid him meeting other dogs and only walk him in places I knew we wouldn't come across any. It was really sad to see this change in him as previously he was a very happy and sociable boy. After the training session we continued religiously with Dan's advice and Blue's insecurities with other dogs is quickly decreasing. He now looks to me for permission to greet other dogs and will walk on the lead generally without pulling, and come away from situations with dogs when I call him. There is still moments when he feels anxious especially when a dog approaches him from behind, so I'm looking forward to the next group session that Dan runs. Having a controlled environment where Blue can be introduced other dogs has been invaluable for us both. I was recommended Scovells Way by a friend and would absolutely recommend them.

Will with Blue (Whippet)

I cannot praise Annie and her Scovellsway team highly enough. Annie is now on a third black labrador of mine, and again I am training her up to be a gundog; her other team members are 1 dog behind. We are currently with her Young Retriever group, having graduated from the puppy class. Each week is well thought out, explained in terms of the progression from previous weeks, as well as why we are doing what we are that particular week. With about half a dozen of us, the class size is such that we have chance to discuss any issues that may occur with each exercise, allowing us to learn those little gems that would normally escape. Being a professional trainer (of humans!), all the team tick all the boxes that I would expect. Our young pup, and our 8 year old, also go into kennels at Scovellsway. The pup is the fourth to do so. It is a hassle free experience for us. As for the dogs, they obviously like it because they have all happily trotted away without looking back when being dropped off. Highly recommended and thanks to the team.

Alan with Maisy & Pippa (Labradors)

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