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Please read before booking your stay.

Updated: 08/08/2023


Rates are per day including the day of arrival and day of departure. Outstanding balance should be paid at the time of drop off . Payment is to be made by Credit/Debit Card.


Kennels are booked on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Please contact us initially to check availability. To secure the kennel for the agreed date(s) you must ensure your booking form is received by Scovellsway Training Kennels, we will then contact you to arrange deposit payment. Failure return booking form will result in the kennel being allocated to another dog.

You must submit your booking form online

Forms will not be accepted if returned on the day of drop-off, unless by prior agreement. Scovellsway Training Kennels has the right to refuse entry.


Dogs can only be accepted on condition they have been fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo virus and Kennel Cough. Vaccination certificates must be shown on the day of arrival or a copy sent with the booking form.

All kennel cough vaccines must be administered more than 14 days prior to boarding. The vaccination card must be emailed through to the office before the dogs stay or shown to staff on the day of drop off. If the dog has had the kennel cough vaccination within the 14 days before its stay we are unable to accept the dog into the kennels. No refunds will be given and full payment will be due. 

Should any animal be found to be hosting fleas/worms, the person responsible for collecting the animal will at the time of collection, be liable for all costs of treating the dog(s) and surrounding environment considered necessary by the owners of Scovellsway Training Kennels. Dog(s) showing signs of kennel cough or any other contagious disease will be turned away.

We're happy to complete a prescribed course of medication from your vet for lifelong conditions. The medication must be on a basic administration routine and simple to administer. Notice must be given to Scovellsway prior to the dog arriving to the kennels. This will also include recovery from surgery, we cannot accept dogs on crate rest or on intensive courses of medication or rehabilitation. We reserve the right not to accept the dog into the kennels on the day of arrival if we do not believe we can provide sufficient care as per the vet guidance and instructions. This is for the welfare of the dog. Scovellsway is a training kennel not a rehab kennels. No refund will be given and full payment will be due if the dog is not medically well enough to enter the kennels. 


Scovellsway Training Kennels will provide suitable bedding/leads. Scovellsway Training Kennels will not accept any responsibility for any damage to the owners bedding or equipment left at the kennels. Destroyed or soiled bedding with be disposed of.


The kennels are fully secured for the safety of the dogs. No owners will be allowed to take their dogs(s) into the kennel area. Whilst in our care no dogs(s) will be allowed visitors, as this can be disruptive. 

All dogs must be fit, in sound condition and of pleasant disposition. In the event of your dog falling ill, we reserve the right to call in a veterinary surgeon. All costs to be borne by the owner. This will include any veterinary call-out charges, transportation etc. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover this.

It is emphasized that whilst every care and attention is given; Scovellsway Training Kennels accept no responsibility for any sickness, injury or death to your dog(s) whilst staying or training in our kennels .

ALL dogs must be on a lead upon arrival at Scovellsway. Collars being worn by dogs must be secure and Scovellsway Training Kennels accept no responsibility for their loss or injury. 

Scovellsway Training Kennels reserve the right to turn away any dog they feel is not suitable for kennelling or training.


Drop off and collection times are between 8.00 am to 8.30 am and 4.00 pm to 4.30 pm. If you (or authorized contact) will be delayed for agreed drop-off or pick-up time/date, you must phone us immediately.

Failure to notify us of delays in drop-off may result in your kennel booking being released to another client.

In the event you are delayed in collection, you must inform us immediately and in advance of agreed date/time. We will endeavour to accommodate requests for extending a stay by up to 24 hours but cannot guarantee kennel availability. In the event of not being able to extend the stay, you will need to arrange for your emergency contact to collect your dog at the original date/time.

Any dog left longer than the dates reserved will be charged an additional £20.00 per day more than the normal rate. In the event of an animal not being collected within 7 days, we will try to trace/communicate with owner/contact before proceeding with legal action.

No dog(s) will be accepted into the kennel without an emergency contact name, address and telephone number, for someone who will be in the UK for the duration of your dog(s) stay at the Kennels. The emergency contact will be asked to remove unwell or overly stressed dogs from the kennels. Owners must make their emergency contact aware of this responsibility.


Should you need to cancel or change your booking the following charges will apply:

  • More than 6 weeks before you dog(s) stay: your booking deposit will be returned in full

  • 6 weeks to 2 weeks before you dog(s) stay: 50% of your total booking fee will be payable, unless your kennel space can be filled with another booking. In which case, your 50% booking fee will be returned in full.

  • 2 weeks – No show: 100% of your total booking fee is payable, unless your dog has deceased

  • If you collect your dog(s) earlier than the agreed date on the booking form, you will still be liable for 100% of total booking fee.

Although we do not offer this service, we do advice you to take out Personal Holiday Insurance that includes provisions for pets. 

Kennel terms and conditions: FAQ
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