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Scovellsway Training Kennels is situated in the beautiful Winchester countryside. 

Upon arrival your dog/s will be allocated their own private kennel. We only have 10 kennels, so you can be sure your dog receives plenty of attention. We offer the highest levels of hygiene and care, with heating/air conditioning throughout. We have two enclosed yards where dogs are able to socialise with other residents, if appropriate, regularly throughout the day. All residents are supplied with a durable plastic bed which we line with plenty of vet bed to create a comfy resting space. All kennels are equipped with a water bowl, and food bowls are provided. We have a fully enclosed exercise paddock, as well as access to acres of farm land. You can be sure your dog will enjoy this beautiful environment. 

We are extremely proud of our high standards, we are happy to show you around, please do book an appointment.

Kennel facilities: Features
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