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'I have been to 2 other trainers with no improvement, you have achieved more in 5 minutes than they did in 6 months. I want a refund from the other trainers I've used previously'

Our specialist reactive dog consultations are specifically designed to deal with the reactivity problems many owners face on a daily basis.

At Scovellsway, our approach is different from most trainers our clients have been to previously. Using our balanced training approach, we deal with the problem directly, leading to an instant improvement in your dogs behaviour. 

We look at the root cause of the problem, as well as ways to correct the problem that is being experienced. 

Our consultations begin with a relaxed discussion about your dog and the problems that you are experiencing. We have a wide range of highly trained dogs of our own we can bring out as stooge dogs if necessary. 

We like to see the behaviour first hand where possible, then make a plan to move forwards. We then implicate methods to correct the behaviour and improve your confidence with your dog.

We understand the stress dog reactivity can bring upon your life and you will be taught in a non-judgmental and relaxed atmosphere. 

The safety of everyone involved is vital and if needed your trainer may require you to muzzle your dog, this is a requirement if asked. 

Our specialist reactive dog sessions are up to 1.5hrs long. The cost is £120. 

Follow up sessions are £60 for 1 hour. 

Reactive dog club 2024

Friday 15th March 12:30

Friday 12th April 12:30

Friday 17th May 12:30

Friday 14th June 12:30

Friday 19th July 12:30

Friday 30th August 12:30

Friday 27th September 12:30

Friday 18th October 12:30

Friday 29th November 12:30

This session is strictly for clients who have previously attended a reactive dog session with Dan.

The session is designed to offer group support and improve obedience and control around other dogs.

Please ensure you bring any equipment you need for your dog. If your dog is a bite risk, it must be muzzled. 


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Dan is incredible our Border Terrier was hyper reactive. Weve tried everything commerical methods 2 behavourist for nearly a year with no improvement. 1 session with Dan and the transformation is beyond incredible. I can Actually see that we wil enjoy a good life now with our BT for her and us. Thank you so much Dan. It was just a chance meeting with a fellow BT owner and word of mouth reccomendation to come to you training centre. Its given us and our BT the chance of an enjoyable outdoor life. If not for that chance meeting we would be non the wiser still struggling avoiding along. Scovellsway needs to be advertised more broadly so all could benefit.

Diane Dyer

Found Scovellsway after doing a lot of research and reading reviews from many sources. We have two Spanish Water Dogs (from pups), the younger male (Reggie) is a nervy and reacts to his surroundings. We’ve tried all sorts of help to no avail, then we met Dan at Scovellsway and within 30 minutes Reggie walked past other dogs without any reaction. That has never happened in all our time with Reggie and we are very grateful. We’ll be back for more help. The reviews are all spot on and Scovellsway works hard for its well deserved reputation.

 Rob Bloor

What a transformation! I cannot rate Scovellsway highly enough.

I have 2 Westies and started having lessons with Dan earlier this year.
Dan is incredible. He has a wealth of knowledge that means any issue I have with my dogs, we can discuss and find a remedy or training technique to address and overcome - with the dogs best interest at heart.

Chloe Deveraux

I cannot recommend Dan highly enough, after only 2 individual sessions with my extremely reactive foster dog, the improvement was unbelievable! I had tried other behaviourists without success. Dan really understands Leo’s issues and has helped me enormously in dealing with them. Thank you Dan and the team at Scovellsway! Susan

Susan McKenna

Yesterday I attended a session with one Dan for my dog Mikey. I know its only been 24 hours, but last night I took him to watch my son at athletics (something I never take Mikey too) as its busy with runners and other dogs walking past, and Mikey behaved beautifully. A few little barks at other dogs to begin with but towards the end he just sat all chilled and watched other dogs walking past us. I can't thank you enough, as I would have always left him at home by himself.

Rowenna Case

One lesson and Willow is a different dog, walking her is a pleasure.
Dan was brilliant, going back for more training. Can not thank you

Wendy Trotter

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